Preprint Policy

A submission is published on the preprint server immediately after it passes an initial editor screening, This is a prerequisity for starting the peer review process. 

If the submission is rejected in the review process, authors have the option to leave the submission on the preprint server or ask editors to unpublish the submission.

ing.grid accepts manuscripts and descriptors that have been published on other preprint servers as long as they have not undergone peer review.

Expanded conference papers can be considered as a suitable submission if they fulfill the following requirements: 

1. the paper should be expanded to meet the Author Guidelines of ing.grid

2. the conference paper should be referenced in the manuscript or descriptor; 

3. if applicable, authors must make sure to hold the appropriate permission from the copyright holder

4. authors are asked to disclose that it is conference paper upon submission and include a statement on how the original conference paper has been expanded.