• ing.grid and ULB meet Janeway in London

    ing.grid and ULB meet Janeway in London

    Posted by Izadora Silva Pimenta on 2023-10-06

On the 7th and 8th of September, ing.grid went to London, United Kingdom, to join the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the Open Library of Humanities (OLH), which were made through the conference "The Lower Decks: A Symposium on Janeway and Open Access Publishing".

A special track during the conference was offered to talk about the innovative uses of the publishing system Janeway (located in the OLH), in which we took part in a presentation called "Open Peer Review for a Transparent and Engaging Scientific Environment: Towards a FAIR Journal", held in place by our managing editor Izadora Silva Pimenta and Matthias Kerekes, from the Digital Publishing Team of the University and State Library Darmstadt.

During the presentation, it was highlighted how the hybrid open peer review concept from ing.grid is put into practice using the Janeway preprint server and journal platforms, and also how the support of the publishing services provided by the University and State Library at Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) allows ing.grid to draw on the library’s cataloguing and long term archiving experience.

Moreover, the goals for a knowledge graph representing the journal were also presented. This will lead to improved discovery of published research and the transparency of interconnections between different contributions.

The conference also brought very enlightening exchanges regarding the future of open access, editorial practices and initiatives to make publications inclusive and accessible for all.

You can find ing.grid's presentation on TUprints.

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