• Updates to Image Acessibility Guidelines

    Updates to Image Acessibility Guidelines

    Posted by Lisabeth Maria George on 2023-08-08

In a move to promote inclusivity and ensure equitable access to scholarly content, ing.grid has made a significant update to its Author Guidelines. The latest revision incorporates comprehensive image accessibility guidelines aimed at enhancing the reading experience for individuals with visual impairments.

The decision to incorporate image accessibility guidelines was driven by ing.grid's commitment to fostering an inclusive academic environment. As scholarly publications increasingly rely on visual content, it becomes crucial to ensure that such content is accessible to all readers, regardless of their visual abilities.

In addition to the image accessibility guidelines, ing.grid has gone a step further by providing authors with examples of colorblind-friendly palettes in two widely used programming languages for data visualization: Python and MATLAB. These palettes have been carefully curated to ensure that color distinctions are easily discernible by individuals with color vision deficiencies. 

The Python example palette utilizes the seaborn library to generate colorblind-friendly visualizations. The palette employs distinctive colors that are distinguishable even to those with common types of color vision deficiencies. Similarly, the MATLAB example palette leverages built-in functions to create plots that remain informative and accessible to a diverse audience.

Authors submitting to ing.grid are encouraged to review the revised author guidelines and incorporate the provided image accessibility recommendations and colorblind-friendly palettes into their visual content.

This proactive step toward inclusive design is expected to set a positive precedent for other academic journals and publications.

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